Legalize Marijuana in the state of Missouri Medicinal and Recreational.

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I Believe Marijuana should be legalized for anyone who wants to use the drug to receive the benefits from the substance. I think it would slow the Opioid epidemic and somewhat balance out the herion problem. I have talked to users of the drug and other drugs and most of them wouldn't even think about heroine use if they had something to ease there pain. NOT ALL DRUG ADDICTS ARE EQUAL, THERE ARE DOCTOR ADDICTED AND there are  STREET ADDICTED. DOCTORS HAVE BEEN FORCED TO STOP PRESCRIBING OPIATES DUE TO THE  PRESCRIBER EPIDEMIC .THATS NOT FAIR FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE LEGITIMATELY IN "PAIN". MARIJUANA YES HAS ITS NEGATIVE AND ITS POSITIVE BENEFITS. Alot of pain patients are being fired from there providers for a positive urine sample or mouth swab simply from marijuana. "No one has ever died from using Marijuana that I know of unless it's maliciously tampered with". I also think that the Government local and state and the federal level should begin to decriminalize the substance. Alcohol claims the lives of people everyday, Yet Marijuana is illegal. I believe we as citizens of this state need to stand up for our rights and policies of lawmakers to not just create a epidemic like the Opioid epidemic. I believe the citizens of this great state of Missouri need to sign this petition on Change for decriminalization of marijuana. You can't just stop the opiate addiction many of the citizens of this state Depend on opiates to maintain everyday life. When opiates are taken away abruptly from a legitimate people who need them  and nothing given in it's place to help the pain of course HEROINE a very strong powerful substance that most of the lives it has claimed most likely are from patients who seek relief. LIVING With it is in some instances is  way than WORSE THAN DYING WITH IT AT LEAST IT STOPS".   I believe this is why? People self medicate when forced to do so... It's an epidemic alright that takes life's everyday with no criminal penalty  Yet the real gateway drug "Alcohol" is readily available on every shelf almost  everywere. If you believe Marijuana should be legalized in state of Missouri the Please sign the petition for change and start the decriminalization of Marijuana. It's benefits are many and alcohol has none medically. "It would also reduce the prision population by 1/3 in my opinion" it would be a lucriticve change financially for our state to say the least. I have copied Missouri executive branch Governor Greitiens and the Senate and House of Representatives on this petition. Thank you. 

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