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The horses of Mackinac Island need our voice. On August 17, 2011, a supply horse collapsed and died in front of many bystanders. Even as the horse was struggling, the driver kept rapping him with the reins and when the horse collapsed he kept pulling on the reins to get him up. When help arrived they dumped water on the horses head. We were horrified not only by the horses death but at the cold and cruel behavior of those tending to the horse. This is only one of many such stories.

Before this occurred, we were continually disturbed by what we saw – horses foaming at the mouth, eyes bulging as they pulled extremely large loads and cold and indifferent treatment from the drivers. Although there were a couple of small buckets of water on the street, not once did we see a horse given a drink. As we questioned locals all day we were told “only 5-8 horses die a year.”

Letters to State Representatives and the Mayor of Mackinac Island have gone unanswered. When a response was received from the carriage company responsible for the horses, they advised that they work closely with the State of Michigan regarding the standard of care for the horses. When the State of Michigan was contacted, they stated more than once that they are in no way involved with the horses of Mackinac Island and their standard of care. Animal Control is supposed to investigate any complaints. When they were contacted they advised that they do not investigate on the Island.

Since I have been researching this issue, I have heard countless stories of people witnessing horses being forced to continue on when they are limping and straining, and of horses dying. There have been other letters written to the Mayor with no response.

These magnificent creatures that contribute so much to the Michigan economy and work so hard, get absolutely no protection in return.

Please sign the petition below to urge lawmakers to implement standards of care and put legislation in place that would require the carriage tour operators to adhere to these standards.

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