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State of Michigan DHS and CPS: Reform Dept. of Human Services and Child Protective Services

Currently there is no system for filing a complaint against a CPS who knowingly falsified information in a case. There is also no way to formally complain about harassment and threats by a worker even after all allegations of abuse or neglect have been proven untrue. Complaints were laughed at by supervisors and ignored all the way to the very head of DHS at the state level!! An Emmet County, MI CPS worker who has knowingly lied about at least one case. Her supervisor laughed about it when the family tried to file a formal complaint. These are not the kind of people who should be allowed to decide the fate of innocent families. Yet all the way to the head of DHS at the State level, complaints are ignored and there is no formal complaint system to protect families from rogue case workers. Also, under the curent law, I can be protected as an anonymous tipper even if I knowingly file false accusations of abuse or neglect. I can do it every single day and it will be investigated and I will be protected even when they know the accusations have been falsified. This needs to change.

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  • Director of DHS and Governor
    State of Michigan, Maureen Corrigan and Gov. Rick Snyder

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