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Put an overpass at the intersection of 301 and 304

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From the Star Democrat 2009

CENTREVILLE The Queen Anne's County Commissioners will ask Maryland State Police to provide a trooper to direct traffic at U.S. Route 301 and state Route 304 during morning and afternoon hours when school buses cross the intersection.

Queen Anne's County Commissioner Paul Gunther made the suggestion during the commissioners' Oct. 13 meeting. Building an overpass at routes 301 and 304 is the commissioners' top priority among major state highway construction projects needed in the county, but state funding has been put on hold. Gunther said a trooper should be assigned to help get school buses safely through the intersection.

Commission President Gene Ransom asked if the state could put in J-turns at the intersection as an interim measure, but Todd Mohn, county public works director, said J-turns were ruled out. J-turns would require vehicles traveling on Route 304 that are turning left to first make a right turn, then make a left turn further down Route 301. Left turns at the intersection would be restricted to vehicles traveling on Route 301 and turning left onto Route 304.

Mohn said the most recent improvements were two flyway ramps for vehicles traveling north on Route 301 to turn right onto Route 304, and for vehicles traveling west on Route 304 to turn right onto Route 301.

"Obviously, the overpass-interchange would be the best solution," said Mohn.

My Thoughts:

Too many Fatalities, Accidents, Near Misses. Traffic is too heavy at times to make a safe decision to cross. Truck Stop brings tractor trailers to this intersection which in turn makes it even more difficult to make a safe decision. This is an intersection that is a direct line to Schools and School Buses as well as Students driving to school use this intersection.

This Petition is for all those who have lost their lives and have no voice. For all those who travel this intersection. In Connor Rice's in peace sweet child.

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