Removal of Arundel County Judge Russell who denied Protection Order for Tyrique TJ Hudson

Removal of Arundel County Judge Russell who denied Protection Order for Tyrique TJ Hudson

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A Hall started this petition to State of Maryland and

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On February 16, 2019 a request for an order of protection was requested by Tyrique Hudson, a 22 year old black male, against his murderer, James Allen Verombeck, a 53 year old white male. They both lived in Colonial Square Apartments in Glen Burnie, Maryland. It was requested because Verombeck had made gestures with his thumb across his neck at Tyrique while also stating “you knew this day was coming” before giving him a “death gesture” by sliding his thumb across his throat. Three days after filing a petition for an order of protection, District Court Judge Devy Patterson Russell denied his request for protection, saying Hudson “could not meet the burden of proof.”

On Monday April 15, 2019 at approximately 7:10am James Allen Verombeck gunned down Tyrique Hudson in the stairwell of his apartment complex as he was leaving for work. Verombeck then ran back to his apartment and barricaded himself inside and only came out after a 10 hour standoff as Tyrique laid lifeless in a stairwell alone because detectives could not start their investigation until Verombeck was arrested.

James Allan Verombeck, 53, of the 100 block of Virginia Lane, has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, using a firearm in a felony violent crime and reckless endangerment.

According to electronic court records, Verombeck was arrested in 2010 for violating a protective order. Online court records do not show who filed the order. The charges were indefinitely postponed and Verombeck was released from custody the same day he was arrested, court records detail.

A protective order was issued against Verombeck in 2009 in a case labeled domestic violence, court records show.

Verombeck was arrested in 1996 on charges of reckless endangerment, concealing a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct in a public place and having an unregistered rifle or shotgun, online court records detail.

Three of the charges in 1996 were dropped, but Verombeck was found guilty of possessing an unregistered rifle or shotgun.

The family and friends of Tyrique Hudson are calling for the removal, permanent suspension, or forced retirement of District Court Judge Devy Patterson Russell. She failed to complete her duties of a district court judge and failed to protect the innocent leaving a man dead. In our eyes she is a murdered alongside Verombeck. The courts should not trust that she has the citizens best interest at heart. We question if this had been the other way around would a request for protection have been granted. If Hudson was a white man requesting protection, would he still be alive.

We are requesting a thorough investigation into the history of Judge Russell. We would like the investigation to include the number of orders of protections that were granted and those that were denied, and also to go beyond to see if there is a discrepancy in the number denied towards minorities compared to whites. And as the research is being made, how many women were denied protection as well, and later found themselves in another situation with their defendant. We do not trust that Judge Russell has the ability to make thorough decisions as stated in the orders sworn by the State of Maryland, therefore she should be relieved of her duties.

Russell is on temporary assignment in Anne Arundel County as the Maryland Court of Appeals — Maryland’s highest court — decides whether to accept a recommendation that she be suspended for actions while working in the District Court in Baltimore.

The Commission on Judicial Disabilities suggested Russell be suspended for six months, saying she violated state law and failed to keep up with administrative work. She also screamed at fellow judges, pushed a courthouse staffer and neglected more than 100 search warrants, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Nadine Maeser, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Judiciary, said the Court of Appeals will decide whether to suspend Russell by Aug. 31.

“Judge Russell is still serving in her capacity as a judge, but she has been temporarily relocated pending a decision by the Court of Appeals,” Maeser said. “The Judiciary has no further comment.”

I started this petition because...
Tyrique “TJ” Hudson was a 22 year old black male who graduated from high school, an college with honors. He moved to Glen Burnie, MD in June 2018 to pursue a new career as a computer engineer. His parents were so very proud of this young man. His mother, Tonya Hudson, travled alongside of him as he made this huge move 2 states away from her in North Carolina. A mother couldn’t be more proud to see her only child become a man and know she raised him as a single parent and he is now everything she dreamed her son would be.

TJ was a smart and intelligent young man. He was very helpful to others and very active in his church Contending for the Faith Chuch in Wilson, NC. He was well know through the community whether through his church, school, his volunteer work, or the barbershop. There had been nothing but shock and surprise by his friends, family, associates, and the community because everyone knew of this well mannered man and many watched him grow and be reared by a single parent. Everyone was so very proud of him.

We are in deep shock that he was taken from us so soon by a selfish individual.

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