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Bar Lori Handrahan from using Mila's name & likeness on the WWW.

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Mila Malenko, age 5, has been at the center of a contentious divorce since she was one and a half years old. Over the years, Lori Handrahan, mother of Mila Malenko, has subject Mila to emotional and physical abuse, in order to slander Mila's father, Igor Malenko. Mila has been subjected to numerous invasive and confusing gynecological exams in order to prove she is the victim, at her father's hand, of sexual abuse. Igor Malenko has been cleared, without exception, by these medical exams. Mila has been coached by her mother and her mother's friends, prior to her mother losing custody of Mila, to say that her father had been molesting her. Igor, has without exception, been cleared by the courts and DHHS of these charges, has been vindicated by a lie detector test and by Mila's own words during interviews. Mila has been coached, by her mother, to claim that her father physically abused her, hitting her in the head with a frying pan. Both a medical examination, performed at the behest of Handrahan, as well as Mila's own words that her Mommy told her to say Daddy hurt her, have cleared Malenko without exception.

In 2011, given Handrahan's continual false allegations, coaching Mila and refusal to learn how to effectively co-parent with Malenko, the Portland District Court awarded Malenko primary custody of Mila. Since May of 2011, Handrahan has refused any and all contact with Mila - She will not speak to Mila on the phone, she will not speak to Mila on Skype and has completely avoided any in person visits.

Rather, Handrahan has chosen to utilize the time she has steadfastly denied her daughter, to create a website ( as well as a Facebook site (Saving Mila) in order to continue to use Mila's name and photographs to draw attention to herself. Diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, Handrahan is without restraint or conscience, attacking Malenko's supporters without mercy, while publishing on the web, nude photos of Mila, spread eagle and fully exposed for every pedophile near and far to save.

We, the undersigned, contend that Lori Handrahan's actions continually put Mila at risk - both emotionally and physically. Without the consent of the primary parent, Malenko, Lori is not only using Mila's name and likeness to draw attention to herself, she is also setting in place a potential emotionally destructive event for Mila, when one day she is signs on to the web and finds that her own mother has made her the poster child for false sexual abuse claims. Furthermore, given Handrahan has published -- without conscience -- pictures and videos of Mila suggesting that she has been "groomed," this places Mila in physical danger as her name, her father's name, her pictures and her residence are continually published on the web for any pedophile to find.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the State of Maine, Portland District Court, and Judge Jeff Moskowitz order Lori Handrahan to cease and desist, at once, from using Mila's name or image for her own gain. Given Malenko is the custodial parent of Mila Malenko and is charged with ultimately deciding what is best for Mila, it is within Malenko's rights, and his alone, to determine that any and all publishing of Mila's name and likeness by Lori Handrahan is not in the best interest of the welfare of the minor child, and in fact endangers her.

We, the undersigned, hereby state that it is our belief that the dissemination of Mila's name and image on the web by Lori Handrahan, poses the threat of emotional and physical danger to Mila Malenko. As child advocates, we respectfully ask the court to bar any further use of her name or image by Lori Handrahan -- for Mila's Sake.

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