State of Iowa - Window Tint Law Change

State of Iowa - Window Tint Law Change

April 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cory Hall


Currently - Iowa Law Enforcement officers, can stop any vehicle that appears to have "darker" then permitted window tint on their windshield or front driver and passenger windows.  A citation can be issued if the window tint doesn't allow more then 70% light thought it a $127.50 citation. 

Last year 2019 a bill was put forth and submitted to the Iowa House - Transportation Committee that failed to move forward to change the window tint law from 70% to 35%.  Stating that it would cause a deduction in the "income" from citations issued (approx. $638,842 a year)   


KEEP the current law that law enforcement may issue a citation for a window tint violate of being darker then 70%  with the FOLLOWING CHANGE 

Vehicle owners can purchase a yearly permit to have window tint on their vehicles up to 25% light transmittance thought the windows.  Vehicle owners - window tint permit will be renewed when the vehicle registration is renewed for the amount of $ 250.00 a year

A permit tag placed on the vehicles rear registration license plate, so law enforcement will see the permit and move on. 

Reducing Law Enforcement officers from being tied up on wasted civilian interactions, letting them focus on more critical offences, i.e. Speeding, operating while intoxicated, using a cellphone while driving, distracted drivers, etc.

With the huge success with the Iowa "black out plates"  generating well over $2 Million dollars.  Having a yearly permit, for vehicle owners that want window tint, due to the hot summers, vehicle protection, deterring vehicle break ins, vehicle customization.    
Vehicle owners that do purchase a window tint permit, but adhere to:  a understanding to that if stopped, that they will turn on dome lights and roll down the vehicle windows so an officer can see into the vehicle.  

4.3 million registered vehicles in Iowa - if at least 100,000 vehicle's are issued a window tint permit (per vehicle not per owner)

A $250.00 permit with at least 100,000 permits issued -  EACH YEAR. 

Would generate $25,000,000 plus; in yearly income to the state of Iowa.  

How could we not do this? 

Is the permit fee excessive? Yes, but with the cost of two citation a year, it would easily cover the cost of a permit

Doesn't this increase the risk to law enforcement?  Yes and No, window tint is legal up to an average of 25-35% in most states. 

Only 25% why not darker? Window tint is great, but the darker than 25% light transmittance could cause issues with the driver being able to see objects etc, when it is dark outside and only one state allows has top 4” only, no limit to tint (Michigan)  

Aren't we just giving Iowa more money? More Taxes?  Yes but to begin change both sides have to give something for what we want.  We want window tint, tired of citations, the State wants safe vehicles and they need revenue.   So with both we can affect change.

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Signatures: 805Next Goal: 1,000
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