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Ban single use plastic bags

There are a lot of cities and states banning plastic bags. Why should Illinois be one of the last ones? 100,000 marine life die every year mistaking plastic pieces for food. Sea turtles think plastic bags are jelly fish. Baby birds are given plastic as food because that is what the parents collect. These animals are suffering from internal blockages, dehydration, starvation and eventually death. We are using 12 billion barrels of foreign oil every year to make these things that are destroying our children’s world. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year and the whole world uses between 500 billion and one trillion a year. Only 10% of plastic bags get recycled. and only 27% of each bag gets recycled, (the rest is wasted) and more plastic is added to make a new bag. Therefore, it’s more expensive to recycle a plastic bag.
There are 5 areas in the oceans where the currents continually go in a circle and pull in more and more garbage. These currents are called gyres. The "Garbage Patches" are twice the size of Texas. Plastic is designed to last, but the sun and water is breaking them down into smaller and smaller pieces. There is 6 times more plastic then one planton. So it’s easy for marine life to mistake the plastic for food. As plastic particles circulate through the oceans they act like sponges for waterborne contaminants such as PBC's, DDT and other pesticides. PAHs and many hydrocarbons washed through our water sheds. These persistent organic pollutants absorb onto plastic pollution in high concentrations. Eventually making into our food supply.
I am a cashier and its heart breaking to see so many plastic bags leave my store. I’m so tired of customers that are un-informed and clueless as to their actions. Many customers have said they will be glad when bags are banned but they won’t use the reusable bags till they are "forced" to. Humanity is so dependent on all plastics. Banning single use plastic bags is just a tip of the iceberg!

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