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State of Hawaii

State of Hawaii: Comply with the law and implement a plan to clean the Ala Wai Canal

According to the 1972 Clean Water Act, the Ala Wai canal is a class two body of water. This means that the state must keep the canal safe for recreational use in and on the water as well as protecting the aquatic life that live there. If the canal is tested and does not meet these water quality standards the state is "required" to come up with a federally approved plan to reduce the level of bacteria and pollution. Since this law was implemented, the waters of the Ala Wai have consistently failed these tests but no such plan has been put into effect. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the power to intervene and make the state comply but has failed to do so. By signing the petition you are helping to urge the state to comply with federal law and implement a plan to improve the conditions of the Ala Wai Canal.

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State of Hawaii
Comply with the law and implement a plan to clean Ala Wai Canal