Change the Name of Bradwell Institute

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In response to people becoming more aware of racial injustices, 2020 is the time for Liberty County School System to change the name of Bradwell Institute. Bradwell Institute was named by Captain Bradwell in honor of his father James Sharpe Bradwell both of whom were high-ranking officials for the Confederate Army. Neither of the Bradwell men were present for the integration of the school in the 1970s and given that they fought for protecting the institution of slavery we can assume they would not be receptive of black students attending the school today.

Bradwell Institute name needs to be changed due to the demographics of the school today as well. Bradwell Institute was not meant to be a school for black children to receive their education, it was a school for the elite wealthy children around the Coastal Empire who could afford education when it was first established. Today however, over fifty percent of the students at Bradwell Institute are black due to the integration of the school which occurred eighteen years AFTER the historic Brown v. Board of Education case that ruled school segregation unconstitutional. 

As an alumnus and former student body president of Bradwell Institute, I am aware that no matter what changes are made to the school name the name on my diploma won't change, However, this petition isn't for me, it is for the future of Liberty County's children who will undoubtedly do great things. A recommendation for the new name of Bradwell would be Septima Clark High School. Septima Clark is often referred to as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement a name bestowed to her by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and she was a head educator at Dorchester Academy which was a famous school in Liberty County for African-Americans to attend before integration. Her work with other famous civil rights activists led to the passage of several bills that allowed African-Americans to be treated equally in our country. Signing this petition would help us be one step closer to her goal.