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Do not set Ronald Melink. A COLD BLOODED murder free

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When you share the post I noticed the same people get tagged. Please copy the link and post to your timeline and tag YOUR friends. Not mutual. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
If Reza has touched your life in anyway (which I know he has) please write a letter to Judge Seigel and send it to



** VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE ***** A letter to all of my friends and family that knew Reza "RAY" Payan.**** Reza Payan was a long time friend of mine and a great man. A man who opened up his heart, his home, and life to a lost soul named Ronald Melnick. On New Years Eve Ronald Melnick had no where to go and nobody in his life as he had burned every bridge and irritated and aggravated everyone in his life. He was a thug fighter who's wife left him for abusing her. Out of shear love and kindness, Reza invited him to join his family for a mellow New Years Eve get together with a few other families with kids to help get his mind off things and life back on track. In return, Ronald Melnick, in a fit of rage of jealousy of not having anything, paired with all of the unconditional love people showed Reza Payan, turned to him in front of his family and shot him multiple times. As his family watched in ABSOLUTE HORROR, from their car as he came upto there vehicle screaming at them (Reza's Wife and New Born Baby) threatening their lives also. The shear horror of the situation is beyond understanding. He then returned to our brother Reza and shot him once again multiple times as he lay there bleeding. RONALD MELNICK MURDERED Reza Payan IN COLD BLOOD there is NO DOUBT FROM ANYONE ABOUT THIS. Now, his rich brother and heartless and conscious-less family has hired a "Hot- Shot" quick talking attorney and is claiming self defense and every other BS lie and excuse to save him from spending the rest of his life in jail. They are looking to get the case completely dropped for, of all reasons, "SELF DEFENSE"!! It's ludicrous and an a complete mockery to our justice system that after 5 years of sitting in a cell delaying and postponing what should be the inevitable has now, with the help of his highly "connected" and powerful lawyer is going back into court for a dismissal on all charges. THIS IS NOT ONLY UNTHINKABLE, IT IS BEYOND IMAGINATION yet is still being heard by the judge. THIS MAN CAN NOT BE LET OUT of PRISON as the very thought of his release brings his shivering fear, tears, anger, and sadness to his wife and family and to us all. WE, as friends, must come together on AUGUST 5, 2016 and meet in a show of solidarity and concerned citizens seeking justice at the Broward County Courts Broward County; Courthouses; to show the judge that this man is a DEMON MONSTER and the PUBLIC'S SAFETY and the safety of his surviving family members will be at a severe risk level! PLEASE REPOST THIS and mark the date to show up in force for our friend, brother, father, husband, and amazing soul Reza Payan. THIS IS A COMPLETE TRAVESTY that this is even being considered without a trial, and even a bigger LACK of JUSTICE to the family of whom were stripped of their loved one. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN!! Please Show Your Support by posting everywhere and spreading the word! I WILL BE THERE IN ATTENDANCE to look this scumbag right in his eyes, and will do anything and everything in my power to make this right. PLEASE join us and do the same! It is for the good of his family and as well as the good and best interest of the publics safety as a whole. He should be put to death but they are saying it wasn't "premeditated" so life in jail is the worst he can get. THIS MUST HAPPEN AT VERY LEAST! HE MUST STAND TRIAL! Open your heart and get behind this message as Reza was a friend and angel to all who knew him. He would help anybody with anything and if you knew him you loved him. This DEMON BEAST RONALD MELNICK took him from us all. Now, it's time to make sure he does not get away with it as his baby girl will NEVER KNOW her amazing father because of this MONSTERS Actions that sad New Years Eve. Please help right a wrong and do the right thing! We need your love, energy and support for this! Thank You All for your reading! This may be the most important post I've ever written in my life. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED! Please show up in person to the: Broward County Court House Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL August 5th Exact Room & Details Below I will also post reminders in the days and weeks to come. God Bless Your Soul Reza! We Will Never Stop Fighting For Your Justice!

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