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Require installation of Amalgam Separators in Dental practices in Florida.

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Dental offices are the #1 contributor to mercury containing waste that is introduced into the wastewater of our state, and eventually into the environment. There is a 2002 study by the American Dental Association that states that dental practices contributed 6 tons of Mercury waste to the wastewater system, and thus to the environment. There are also EPA studies that show similar findings.

Dental offices that remove or, in the rare cases they still use the material, place mercury containing amalgam ("silver") fillings are constantly adding mercury containing dental amalgam waste into the environment via wastewater from their suction systems. Upon removal or placement of these fillings small particles or mercury vapor are taken up by the suction and then disposed of into the wastewater of the office. This can be eliminated by the simple step of having your dentist install an Amalgam Separator to the suction system that have been proven to remove up to 99% of mercury containing amalgam waste from the water that is then passed onto the wastewater system. The collection devices are then responsibly sent to have the amalgam waste safely recycled without having an impact on the local environment and water supply. This device is a small expense that has a huge impact on the world that we live in and will leave to our children.

Currently 11 states require Amalgam Separator in dental practices, of which Florida is not one, and certain province in Canada require that a dentist have an amalgam separator or they will not be provided a license to perform their craft. There is currently an EPA initiative in Congress to require that all dental offices in the nation have Amalgam Separators.

Please help us by signing this petition to get the ball rolling in Florida to get our state to be on the list of states requiring amalgam separators to protect our environment and children from excess mercury.

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