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Help save Tucker a 2 y/o boxer who is being sentenced to death for protecting our daughter, This is our beloved family pet not a vicious animal over turn this verdict of "Dangerous Dog" and release Tucker back to his family!

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The old neighbor hated us and our dogs, even our great dane when we first got her at 13 weeks they called her an attack dog! They pursued calling animal control after provoking the dogs time and time again! By provoking they taunted them while doing yard work with shovels and rakes ect. We also had a pool man that came to the same home which was a rental property at 873 Samms Ave. in Port Orange, FL and we ultimately fired him because he NEVER cleaned the pool and was always doing more looking in the windows than anything!! Creep!! Mike and I left for Iowa after my ex husband and his girlfriend were charged each with DUI's and she had all the kids (my daughter included) in the car! In fear for my daughter's well being and safety we left a pet sitter in charge of the house and the animals and the pool man came back while we were in Iowa dealing with that emergency! It's not uncommon for us to leave our sliding glass door open for the dogs to have access to the yard, not expecting him to come into the yard (he had been fired 2 weeks prior!) the door was open, Tucker went outside to investigate and confronted the pool man barking which alerted the pet sitter. She confronted the pool man and told him to leave the property that we were not home and he was not allowed to be there! The dog became agitated as the pool man began to argue with the house/pet sitter and grabbed her to try to put her in between the dog and himself. This pet sitter was a friend that we were also helping so she had been staying at the house for approximately 2 months already, after he grabbed the sitter the dog nipped him doing nothing but leaving a few scratches. The police were called along with the animal control (48 hours LATER!) After this occurred Christine Martin, the horrific animal control officer that we had previously had to deal with was eager to quarantine the dog at Halifax Humane Society (The ticket we received for the bite stated we could quarantine the dog at a licensed veterinary, which we said was the only was we were handing the dog over, but being out of town they chose to threaten the pet sitter by putting her in handcuffs ultimately she handed the dog over and they took him to Halifax Humane Society. There the dog was treated so poorly when we went to pick him up the placed reeked of urine and fesses, when they brought Tucker to us he had blood on his face and his ears were bleeding and all cut up! We took him immediately to an emergency vet where his ears were treated and we had to leave him for another week days because of an illness he contracted through the poor condition. We had a hearing on the matter where the neighbors and pool man all showed up to claim how dangerous the dog was!! This by the way is the dog my 10 year old sleeps with and will call her best friend! He frequents all the hotels we do when we go on vacation, once even being smart enough to get the heavy hotel room door open at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Lakes in Orlando where the dog has been MANY time, he opened the door took the elevator down to the lobby and was making new friends as fast as he could find hands to pet him! The dog has been socialized since he was a puppy many of my friends who work downtown Orlando know and love Tucker! Also would even joking turn me away from their establishments if I didn't have him with! Mike and I moved to our new home we purchased in Ormond Beach, FL in May 2015. We were initially appealing Tucker being deemed a dangerous dog. The beginning of July we were having a new boat hoist installed on our dock by a contractor, who sub-contracted an electrician, George Ihle, to wrap up the job by doing the electrical work. Initially when he came out he come to the front door, and Mike and George walked him out to the dock so he could see the worked that needed to be done. Knowing that the dog was already deemed dangerous and the trauma the he was put through with the neighbors the dog had become more protective over us, our daughter, and our home, we tell everyone that comes on the property that you are to come to the front door and we will ensure the dogs are put away. That is exactly what Mike and George talked about walking down the dock. George, after being late, we had given up on the workers coming and went about our day. My daughter and I had set up a "doggie washing spa" (pictured above in the cover photo). I ran inside to grab some towels for the dogs. George showed up, now late, and also unaccompanied by the general contractor to do the work discussed on the boat hoist. Instead of going to the front door as we had told him to and meeting with Mike or myself he brought it upon himself to proceed into the backyard. George was almost to the dock when my daughter and Tucker were startled by his presence. Tucker ran to investigate brushing by George he stated at court he thought this was his buddy coming up behind him joking around. He turned to confront him and realized it was the dog he in doing so and in his own words he grabbed the dog by the neck. He stated he took the dog down to the ground but in wrestling the dog his thumb slipped into the dog and the dog would let go. But how could he with his hands around his neck? At that point the dog imminently felt under attack by this man and was in fear of his life. My daughter ran inside stating to me that there was a man in the yard who she didn't know and was fighting with Tucker. I immediately ran to the yard to see what was going on, George had Tucker pinned to the ground and the dog was gasping and coughing because his hands were around his neck choking him. George screamed at me to get your f****** dog, I asked "Who the hell are you!?" He continued to scream at me and I told him I wasn't getting the dog until he stated who he was. "I'm the f****** electrician" he yelled. After I realized he had entered the yard without permission and who he was since I had never seen or met him, I grabbed Tucker and brought him to the house and secured him in his crate. George stated that he wanted EMS called and I did that right away. Soon after animal control officers arrived to the scene questioned us and left. Only to return later to take Tucker for a mandatory quarantine, since Tucker was already unfairly deemed dangerous, Mike and I had him brought to Atlantic Animal Hospital after they said they were taking him once again to Halifax Humane Society, we wouldn't stand for it. We once again had a hearing for the dog due to the alleged attack. Ormond Beach upheld the dangerous dog standing and the City ultimately served us with a NOTICE OF CONFISCATION AND INTENT TO DESTROY. The alleged attack happened on July 16th, 2015 and Tucker had been under the care of Atlantic Animal Hospital since that date at our expense. We also had contracted immediately after moving into the new home a $50,000 fence and are working as quickly as the fence contractors can to get this fence erected. It's a big job and takes time in the mean time Ormond Beach expected us to cage the dog in a small run (only small runs have tops on them and that was one of their stipulations along with treating out beloved family dog as if he was a wild animal.

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