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Stop the use of illegally operated vehicles on New Haven streets and parks.

I am a concerned citizen who is frustrated by the increase in use of illegally operated dirt bikes and ATVs on New Haven, CT streets, and inside parks, in playgrounds and other public recreation areas. It is my understanding that the NHPD has a long standing no-chase policy, which I agree with given the chances that a chase could result in injury of an innocent bystander. However, more needs to be done. I am in support of efforts to create policies that will eliminate the reckless behavior in New Haven before someone else is killed. We’ve had many close calls already in 2012; a little girl was hit by a dirt biker while waiting at a bus stop with her dad, and a dirt biker himself suffered life-threatening injuries after losing control of an unregistered illegally operated dirt bike and hitting a tree. Please, do what is necessary. You have my full support!

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  • State of Connecticut General Assembly, New Haven Office of the Mayor

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