Free Billy Edwards El

Free Billy Edwards El

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Can you imagine being incarcerated for 25 years, for a crime you did not commit?  Billy Edwards can! He has been incarcerated since January 22, 1997, for a murder he did not commit. After 18 months of pretrial incarceration, he was convicted and given a sentence of life without parole, however, that has not and does not define Billy. 

Billy is a humble man and his character is one of a loving, caring family-oriented man.  He is an advocate and nurturer by nature and his quest for justice should not be in vain.  Billy has spent a majority of his adult life behind the walls of Colorado Correctional Facilities and it is time for him to come home. 

Billy has a current request for Clemency in with Colorado State Governor, Jared Polis and we would like to bring awareness concerning wrongful convictions in our society and how it is evolving. There are influential individuals and common Citizens that are starting to realize that police and prosecutors, like all humans, make errors. It is our responsibility to highlight those errors and correct them, because they are costing innocent people, like Billy, their freedom and the right to live their life. Nobody deserves to have this done to them! The injustice that Billy has experienced, hence, it took not one, but three trials to convict him. 

Even under the burden of a wrongful conviction, Billy has chosen to be an agent of change. Some of the titles Billy has acquired since being incarcerated are:

Crossfit Level One Trainer

Mental Health Peer Assistant

Parents on a Mission Facilitator

Psychology of Incarceration Facilitator

DU PAI (Prison Arts Initiative) Group Leader

Staff Orientation Facilitator

Mentor and so much more...

Billy is someone, who once you get to know him, leaves an everlasting impact on you. An example of this is of a couple, Annie and Jake, who he was introduced to through RF2 Crossfit. This couple was going through the process of adopting a child. Billy spoke to them about Parents on a Mission and conducted a correspondence course with them. Through this process a bond was formed and when the call came for them to go to the hospital, because their baby was to be born, they went. The new parents of this child felt compelled to name their baby after Billy and he is also a co-Godfather to the child. 

There are so many stories like this and the relationships that Billy has formed while being incarcerated. It is a waste to have this man spend more time incarcerated.  We are not asking for leniency, we are asking for Justice. Please join us in asking Governor Polis to grant Billy Clemency by releasing this innocent man from prison.

He has an amazing support system of Family and Friends, relatives and acquaintances who are ready to assist Him in any way necessary.  He has offers of employment, educational opportunities and Mentors and Community Leaders that support him and his release 100%. 

Please assist us in our fight for Billy! It goes without saying that Justice delayed is Justice denied and it's time for someone to right the wrongs of the Colorado Judicial System that convicted this innocent man of a crime he did not commit. 




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!