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Pass the Orca Welfare and Safety Act

California Assemblymember Richard Bloom recently proposed to illegalize the use of orcas for performance/entertainment purposes, ban the artificial insemination of captive orcas in California, the importation of orcas and orca semen from other states, and to have all ten orcas held in captivity at SeaWorld San Diego “rehabilitated and returned to the wild where possible.” If it is proven otherwise, then they must “transferred and held in a sea pen that is open to the public and not used for performance or entertainment purposes.”

For more information on the bill, see this article.

Cetaceans are a highly intelligent, altruistic, and sentient species and therefore should be recognized as non-human persons and be entitled to certain rights. If this bill should be passed, it will be a great step towards giving them the respect and freedom they deserve.

In addition to the points made on the bill, the following points should also be included:

1) All captive cetaceans will be included in this bill. They all deserve equal protection under this act.

3) Cetaceans will be officially recognized as non-human persons.

4) Cetaceans will have the right to free and safe passage through the waters of California, as Malibu has recently legalized

5) If a vessel sees the safety and free passage of cetaceans being violated, they shall report the incident and the offenders shall be held accountable.

6) The Marine Mammal Protection Act will be strengthened and better enforced.

7) Military sonar testing shall not be conducted in such a way that impedes the safety and free passage of cetaceans.

8) Seismic imaging of ocean floor, and any other industrial/military activity harmful to cetaceans shall also be modified.

9) Established rehabilitation-release programs shall be held accountable for the injured or stranded cetaceans they take in to ensure that they are given the chance of release. If this has been proven to be an impossible task, they will be cared for in sanctuaries and not endure the stresses of captivity.

10) Fishing institutions may not harm or impede the free passage of cetaceans in any way.

11) Friendly, sociable cetaceans that approach boats and humans shall not worry about being brought into captivity. Human perspectives and management schemes shall not dominate human-dolphin contact.

a) They shall not be trained, harassed or harmed in any way, or treated as playthings - no chasing, grabbing, hitting, or other such behaviors. The “golden rule” shall be applied. 

12) SeaWorld shall openly declare their opposition to whaling, dolphin slaughter and capture, and any action that impedes a cetacean's right to free passage and life. They will not participate in, encourage, or condone (as in letting it take place while standing by) any such action.

a) SeaWorld shall encourage WAZA, IMATA and all such institutions to outlaw the taking of dolphins from Taiji. While US aquariums have no longer imported dolphins caught in Taiji since 1991, they have done relatively nothing to end the slaughter or educate the public on the issue.

13) The sea pens (as described in the bill) where cetaceans will be gradually transferred will have the following regulations:

a) No netting that can pose a possible risk to cetaceans shall be installed.

b) Sea Pens are not to be mistaken for swim-with-dolphin programs.
c) The sea pens will have the best possible condition for cetaceans and not resemble the  boundaries currently confining captive cetaceans.

d) Aquariums may not intentionally hinder or delay the transitional process.

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