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Stop discrimination: reinstate Mexican American studies, lift book ban


After forbidding Mexican American studies, the Tucson Unified School District banned books from Native American and Mexican authors, including "Rethinking Columbus". Students said the banned books were seized from their classrooms and out of their hands, including a book of photos of Mexico. They felt reminded of Nazi Germany. This was done for no other reason than to be compliant with Arizona laws SB 1070 and HB 2281.

This is racism and contributes to misunderstanding, hatred and discrimination of other cultures. It is violating the right for freedom of speech, the freedom of press, even basic human rights.

Therefore I petition the City of Tucson, the Mayor of Tucson, the Tucson School District and also the State of Arizona to lift the ban on Mexican and Native American books and to reinstate Mexican American studies and quit discriminating Mexican and Native American people.

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  • State of Arizona, Tucson mayor, Tucson School District, City of Tucson

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