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Revise AZ Statute 13-2910, include exposing animals to heat over 90 degrees

I started this petition for those who cannot speak for themselves.  They count on other voices to say what they cannot.  I speak for dogs and pets everywhere. Animal abuse is usually known as mistreatment or neglect of animals. I believe that animal abuse stems further than this, into places even 'good' pet owners don't know. In the sweltering Arizona summers, temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees. People can't go outside without shoes on, some may not even find comfort in swimming when their pool water feels like a bath. However, in the summer in Arizona, many pet owners still find it okay to take their dogs outside in the heat for extended periods of time. Any length of time spent outside in temperatures over 90 degrees can be detrimental to your pets. The ground can burn and blister their paws, they can even die if left in the heat for too long. Daily, I see people walking their dogs in the heat of the afternoon, with no immediate access to water. I always ask myself if I would go running the summer, and the answer is always the same. Why would we let our pets do things we wouldn't even think of doing ourselves? I have 2 rescue dogs, and they are part of my family. The only time they are able to go outside in the summer is for potty breaks and to go swimming. I would like to get the Arizona law amended to include prolonged exposure to heat over 90 degrees as animal abuse. Please sign my petition to revise Arizona Law Statute 13-2910 Cruelty to Animals to include exposing animals to extreme heat over 90 degrees. 

"If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience" ~ Woodrow Wilson

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