Deny Parole to Convicted Murderer Steve McCullars #134728 on September 1, 2015.

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We respectfully submit this petition in regards to the pending parole hearing on September 1st 2015 for convicted murderer Steve McCullars (134728).

Steve McCullars was sentenced on February 24th 1983 to life imprisonment for the murder of Mr. Claud H. Crump of Jasper Alabama on April 7th 1981.  According to records provided by the Alabama Parole Board, McCullars had committed numerous crimes prior to Mr. Crump’s murder, and has received multiple (four or more) LIFE sentences for his crimes!!

After casing the Crump family home for several months, McCullars and his accomplices gained access to Mr. Claud Crump’s home by faking car trouble and requesting help at Mr. Crump's front door. While holding Mr. Crump at gunpoint, McCullars and his accomplices bound Mr. Crump with duct tape across his face and bound his hands behind his back. Mr. Crump could not breathe and died from suffocation. Suffocation is defined as “to kill or destroy by preventing access to air or oxygen.” We define it as “torture.” The murderers did nothing to resuscitate Mr. Crump. Court records indicate that they were aware of his distress and did nothing to help him. They proceeded to rob the Crump home and deliberately left Mr. Crump for dead. This murderous crime went unnoticed for over three days. Their actions were premeditated, intentional and without mercy. 

Mr. Crump’s untimely death was totally senseless and took away a beloved member from the Crump family.  His wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren suffered irreversible damage and still suffer as parole hearings continue to re-occur about every five years.  The family must re-live and endure the horror of this terrible crime each and every time McCullars is considered for parole and fight to keep him in jail.

We believe that Steve McCullars will continue to be a menace to society if released. McCullars has demonstrated that he had chosen a path of crime and violence and that there could be no redeeming social value gained by his release.  He has nothing of value to contribute to society.  McCullars justly deserves the sentence he was given, but the family of Claud Crump does not deserve the repeated pain and suffering they must endure because of McCullars.

Even if you don't know Claud Crump or any of his family, by electronically signing this petition, you show that you believe that:

JUSTICE must be served, VICTIM'S RIGHTS protected and that a LIFE sentence for murder means LIFE behind bars!

Your comments will be read and considered by the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles on September 1, 2015. Thank you!

A LIFE SENTENCE should mean life in prison.  Multiple life sentences should leave no uncertainty.

We pray that the Parole Board will DENY the release of Steve McCullars on September 1st 2015.


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