Stronger Laws Against Animal Cruelty in New Hampshire and Across the US

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Animal Cruelty is very near and dear to the hearts of many. It is unfortunate that our loving companions sometimes are forced to survive as helpless victims at the hands of their abusers.

We are calling on the New Hampshire state government, including the legislative and executive branch to strengthen the laws regarding animal cruelty. This specific call to action includes a registry that will prevent abusers from obtaining another animal after abuse has been shown. It will also allow those who have recused an animal to maintain an effective process and remedy to report and pursue animal cruelty changes after the animal has been safely taken out of the hands of the abuser.

We would like to call it Protect Our Pets Against Judy Langan Abuse. This name comes from the personal experience of our family against an abuser, Judy Langan. Judy neglected our dogs, deprived them of vet care, and left them in a car for entire days in extreme weather conditions. One dog under her care suffered a brutal death from abuse. The second was rescued in after he had severely been abused and neglected, covered in soars, lost use of his back legs, had a matted and unkept coat, and lost his will to live. Once we successfully retrieved the second dog from Judy, she immediately told us how she wanted to replace these dogs with new ones almost a heartbeat later. This horrified us. No other dog deserved this abuse!

We became frustrated since now that the dog is in our loving care the regular abuse channels for reporting her neglect are not available. There also is no means to prevent her from harming other dogs. This is almost a double edged sword because it seemed necessary to secure the animals safety (when possible) prior to reporting the abuse as abusers are unstable and unpredictable. However this matter should be addressed by laws in order to deter and prevent further abuse of our loving and innocent companions! Please support us!