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The change of capital from Amaravathi is going to drastically effect the lives of lakhs of farmers and people residing in the districts of Krishna and Guntur of A.P State . The state government has asked thousands of farmers to part with there Agriculture lands , which is there only lively hood by making two promises 

  1.  To give them a yearly lease amount for each acre of land so as to compensate for there agriculture income which they get after cultivation
  2.  To give them plots of 800 to 1000 yards of residential land and 300 to 450 yards of commercial land in the capital as compensation for the value of lands lost by them
  3.  To give jobs to all persons who have lost there lively hood jobs by giving them training in new skills and posting them in all the jobs created in the capital

               The government has in this way acquired roughly 34,000 acres of land and allotted plots to them all , and started development of this plots .

In the meanwhile elections have come and the government has changed , the new government has stopped all development works saying that the past government has fraudulently allotted the works , which is apolitical matter between the two parties. 

The points of farmers is 

  1. We have given our lands and taken plots in capital considering there value as plots in capital, if capital is shifted there will be no value for them and we will be completely left with no property at all.
  2. The people will be with no jobs and no livelihood
  3.   If the new government considers the contractors to be wrong we want them to give the work to new contractors , but not stop all the works 

   So we petition the Respected  Chief Minister  of Andhra Pradesh and also The

Prime Minister  Of India to continue the capital at the existing place only.