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Investigate the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds

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We the undersigned believe that a questionable, State Farm issued, life insurance policy purchased against the life of Ayla Bell Reynolds, by her father Justin DiPietro, is a factor in her subsequent disappearance from 29 Violette Ave. Waterville, ME, reported on December 17th, 2011.

We also believe that State Farm insurance representative, Darrell Tudela's, son Derek Tudela may have knowingly sold the life insurance policy against Ayla Bell Reynolds, to his long-time friend, Justin DiPietro, despite numerous warning signs that the policy might put the toddler in jeopardy.

Subsequent to Ayla's disappearance, Derek Tudela has vocally supported and attempted to alibi part of Justin DiPietro's story regarding his missing daughter, even though investigators have asserted that Justin is withholding information regarding what happened to Ayla.

Additionally, your representative Darrell Tudela and his wife Heidi Tudela housed Justin DiPietro in their home following the disappearance of his daughter Ayla. They have publicly supported his claims that his daughter was abducted from 29 Violette Ave despite investigators' repeated assertions that there is no evidence that any abduction took place.

On May 31st, 2012, more than 5 months after her disappearance, Maine State Police spokesperson, Steve McCausland, held a press conference regarding the Ayla Bell Reynolds investigation. He confirmed, for the first time publicly, that MSP investigators believe Ayla is dead. Since no one withholding information is talking, and so much time has passed, Ayla's maternal family and the concerned public are fearful her disappearance will never be prosecuted.

We suggest that State Farm Life Insurance Company has a responsibility to Ayla Bell Reynolds to conduct its own investigation into her disappearance, and to try and uncover, what your affiliated, licensed representative, Darrell Tudela or his son Derek Tudela know regarding Ayla's life insurance policy and if it was a factor in her disappearance.

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