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We the Undersigned 

We want the Arrest Of All officers involved in any Police Brutality and Murders Worldwide especially this recent Murder of Unarmed Minneapolis Civilian George Floyd a Handcuffed African American Male who was pinned to the floor by his neck By an Officer Derek Chauvin Using an Illegal Knee restraint while This man over and over repeatedly said he could not Breathe while 2 Other officers Stood by and did nothing to resolve this unlawfully orchestrated act of Police Brutality that resulted in his Death later at the Hospital while bystanders pleading for the officers to remove his knee from the mans neck so he can breathe and the officers disregarded the people’s plea George Floyd was handcuffed never resisting arrest then when he showed no signs of life the officers dragged his life less body around like a ragged dog His family deserves justice by charging and Convictionall the officers with murder we understand there is an investigation process but when this particular case is caught on camera for the world to see the evidence is televised even when someone has committed a crime and the police have a right to arrest the inhuman act that this officer displayed has no place A Police officers last resort is to use his firearm unless the accused has a firearm he is not to even touch an officer has a taser a baton and various techniques to apprehend a person none of these were us because George Floyd didn’t not resist it is fair to say the video has spoken Thank you