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Please stop the dog meat trade


The practices of the dog meat trade in China are among the cruelest on earth. Dogs are jammed into small wire cages – many of them wearing collars identifying them as stolen beloved family pets – in such density that many suffocate en route to slaughter. Sadly they are the lucky ones, as the cages are thrown to the ground from the transport trucks upon arrival to the butcher, crushing their bones and breaking many of their necks. Then they are literally skinned alive and tossed into a heap, often with enough strength to lift their heads as they slowly die. This is not a myth, not a rumor…this really does happen. There are videos that will make you sick to your stomach. There is an uprising against this horror, led by thousands of brave and disgusted young Chinese, and we ALL have a moral obligation to join our voices in their support

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  • state council of the People's Republic of China: Mr. Zhang Ping

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