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STATE CORONER JERRAM, PLEASE, INQUEST! I want answers about my son's death and his deleted records

Ezekiel was my first born son, the triumph of my life. When I thought he had a stroke back in May 2011, Dr. Kolos laughed and said: "It's more than likely an anomaly, just to err on the side of caution here is a referral to a cardiologist."

We went to the cardiologist on the 25th of May. He (Dr. Murphy) took phone calls about his bathroom renovation and left the room, not focused on the screen. He wrote a report that Ezekiel's heart was "functionally & structurally normal". Three months later, Ezekiel was dead. At autopsy they found:

* A hole in his heart
* Hypertrophic left ventricle
* Diseased Aorta

All of this should have been located at the echocardiogram. I asked Nepean Hospital for the recording of the echocardiogram for another opinion. I was told by Kay Hymen via letter that it had been deleted, along with 2 months of other patients' cardiac records.

The hospital has not alerted the public to this. I found my child's record was deleted after he died!

1 in 6 children require heart treatment in Australia, many people of all ages require echocardiograms. Any one of these people could die as a result of NOT HAVING THEIR RECORDS KEPT AND NOT BEING TOLD!

Be sure to share this with others especially in Western Sydney patients of Dr David Murphy and Nepean Hospital in the months March - July 2011.

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