Break the OverSpeed with Extreme fines & Put an End to accidents before they End our lives

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Most of the deadly accidents mainly occur due to over speeding, Over speed thrills you if it went bad it'll effect you and the innocent pedestrians too.

As per Road accident survey released by Government 60% to 75% of Accidents happening due to Over speed. Government initiated a penalty of 1000 rupees for this Violating Traffic Rule that Over speed of Vehicles on the Road. If any person lost his life by Accident due to Over speed of Vehicles then that Victim Family will suffers a Lot by losing him badly in an Accident. Government initiated Speed Limit Signboards on Roads for Two Wheelers & Four Wheelers.

How many people in Our Country Following Traffic Rules ???

Speed Limit According to Traffic Zones

School zone - 20kmph
Parking zone - 10kmph
Within City - 40 to 65kmph
Ghat road - 40 kmph
National Highway - maximum 80kmph

Motorcycles - Max. 50
Car and light weight vehicles - Max. 65
Medium Goods Vehicles - Max. 60
Heavy Vehicles - Max. 40/50
All other vehicles - 30

Government & Traffic police Department should take a strong Action on Victims Who are driving with Over speed by violating Traffic Rules and Also Government should Implement a new rule that every vehicle should have a speed Locker with Max speed of 80kmph. And they should provide speed breakers before the big turnings, junctions and on the Flyovers too. Should implement safety dividers at turns on flyover to stop the vehicle from jumping.

If every person in our Country will follow these rules then Definitely we can Control Traffic jams & Accidents in our Country .So Guys everybody Join your hands with me .We can Share this news and Sign this petition we can try ourselves better by share this Petition to every Indian until this Petition reaches to Government.

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