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Help Keep Local Wiregrass Spay & Neuter Clinics Open!!

Alabama spay and neuter clinics could be closing.

The state board of veterinary medical examiners are proposing a rule change that would prevent non-veterinarians from hiring vets or vet technicians to operate a veterinary facility.

Right now there are four spay/neuter clinics in the state, including one in Dothan.

A vote on October 10th will decide whether or not to shut down the clinics.

DO not change rules that allows vet clinics to hire vets or vet techs!


This Petition is very important because it helps the locals who are lower income get their loved ones (pets) spayed or neutered at a low cost!   


If we do not spay and neuter we will be in even more trouble, so many strays already wonder the area looking for females.  I should know being low income and still not able to afford to go in yet.  A stray male dog impregnated my hound and we ended up with 10 puppies!  We took care of them wormed,  and found homes for all but 2 we kept.    This is just an example of why we need this clinic, if some people cannot get their dogs spayed they could end up like we did!  


Its important to spay and neuter!!  That is why we got it done as soon as she was done with her litter!  


A new puppy or kitten is always is a nice addition to a family, however when the puppies and kittens are of age and can have litters, sometimes the puppies/kittens and the mommy become unwanted.  


A lot of people don't mean to be cruel to animals.  Some pet-owners let there unwanted kittens and puppies off on their own to fen for themselves, they think they are giving them a "running chance" so to speak, rather than have them face possible euthanization from shelters or pound!


The cruel fact is these animals that are left to fend for themselves end up in worse situations and don't stand a real chance.  Some starve to death or are hit by passing vehicles.  Some or most also contract diseases from other animals or just from eating garbage and become victims to horrible, painful unnecessary deaths if they just were spayed or neutered!


According to the Humane Society of the United States....


1.) 5 Million dogs and cats are killed yearly in U.S. Shelters.     That's 13,800 every day or 575 dogs and cats killed every hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


2.) In six years, one female dog and her off spring can theoretically be the source of 67,000 dogs


3.) In seven years, one female cat and her off spring can be the source of 420,000 cats.


Prevention is the ANSWER!


The best way to prevent senseless cruelties to these sweet animals and the birth of unwanted litters:  Is spay or neuter!


Benefits of Fixing your animal!


1.) Your pet will have a healthier life.

2.) Your female dog or cat will not have to go through the frustration of heat periods and the chances are much less of developing cancer of the breast or serious infections in the uterus. 

3.) Male dogs are less aggressive towards other animals, he will also be at less risk of developing prostate cancer. 

4.) The animals, male and female will not want to wander off as much as a none spayed and neutered pet! 


Please sign our petition to help keep these low cost vet clinics open and not have rules changed to benefit who ever is in charge and thinks that this change is needed.  Its not needed we need to be able to walk in to this vet and fix any animal we find on the streets, and spay or neuter and find them a home! 


We all help in our own ways! 

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