Nursing registration fee waved

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Currently to be registered as a nurse in Australia there is an annual registration fee which is $175. In the current pandemic of Covid-19, nurses have never before been in more demand nor had to work in the current conditions they are facing daily. The federal government has handed out billions of dollars to Certain groups of the community. Yet there has not been anything other than verbal praise from the government for the incredible work nurses are doing on the frontline. We as nurses love what we do, and clearly don’t do the job for the money. We do it for the patients and selfishly the feeling it also gives us knowing we have made a difference.

I am insulted that with all the recent government handouts, I have not only received no handouts nor bonus supplements, just a bill in the mail reminding me that my annual registration fee is now due.

So just to clarify...the government are asking nurses to continue to do the incredible job they are doing everyday and continue to put themselves and their families in danger, and also pay a fee for that privilege.

Not good enough! Give the nurses a break and wave their registration fee in good faith as a thankyou not only from the Australian government but on behalf of all Australians that nurses are working so hard to protect.