Start Arlington ISD high schools after 8:00 AM.

Research has overwhelmingly shown that teenagers, who require nine hours of sleep, have a different circadian rhythm that delays falling asleep and waking up.  The American Academy of Pediatrics' 2014 policy statement identified early high school start times as the most crucial factor contributing to adolescent sleep deprivation.  The AAP recommends that all high schools begin the day after 8:30 AM.

High schools with later starting times show improved student grades, better attendance, lower dropout rates, fewer tardies, decreased disruptive behavior, and less depression. Starting Arlington high schools at 7:35 AM undermines optimal academic achievement.  The Arlington ISD must start the high school day at a time that provides every student the opportunity for academic success and personal well-being.

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  • AISD Superintendent
    Dr. Marcelo Cavazos

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