Start a PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) HOPE FUND for Traffic Accident Victims

Start a PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) HOPE FUND for Traffic Accident Victims

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An Aware Pedestrian's efforts have not gone unchallenged. Online resources and critical analysis of community actions to achieve successful motorist educational opportunities are important.  Most people travelling on streets, highways and roads, drive motor vehicles.  Because so many Americans travel the likelihood that they're involved in a dart out injury, car crash, or accident fatality is greater.

Equitable Transportation Policy Initiatives by governing agencies have expanded access to public bus facilities.

  • Public bus facility expansion helps to mitigate negative social impacts of: poor planning reductions, income gaps and under-served communities.
  • Public bus facility expansion initiatives improve our quality of life.

Maximized routes, extended travel, timing points and stricter operational enforcement delivers on promises made to citizens concerned with efficacy procedures.

Scheduled or unscheduled non-motorized routes, further improve path travel along our city's trails, and give pedestrians alternate safe routes to travel. 

Walkability Studies, are genuine and open policy position's helping people stay healthy.  They provide leadership-models for smaller transportation advocacy networks like PACE TULSA NETWORK.  

Whether "transportation equity" is addressed publicly or privately, financially deprived networks like PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) emphasize awareness including where funding is limited, inadequate or nonexistent.


12 National Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education (PACE) Workshops 

  • The 12 National Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education (PACE) workshops are unique targeted enrichment programs. 

The PACE Aware curriculum is designed to enrich the lives of people online by providing access to resources AGS survey participants need.  



  • Take a moment to think about the power of unity.  When people come together to transform the world great things happen.  PTN uses the Learner Module System to create, as well as, sustain interesting media, data and content.

Major reductions in public funding and charitable contributions, have all but crippled some community organizations trying to advocate change for their causes. Although, economic downturns have created immeasurable barriers for staff and employers. A commitment to support accident victims, sends a message of hope.  It's time for our communities to get together to transform help into hope for traffic accident victims and their loved one's 

To maintain our outreach the PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN '21) during November on the 29th day hosted:

Zero Tolerance Day Help End Traffic Accidents Fatalities Know Your Traffic Signs

This is a public education forum addressing risks motorist faced while traveling. This annual event helps signal Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education  (PACE) is a necessary part of organized travel. 


Signatures helps PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) prove Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education is a valuable online resource for victims of traffic injuries. And also proves  people desire a financial support fund for traffic accidents victims.  Thank you in Advance for your support! ❤






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