Raise the amount of Starcoins StarStable gives to Lifetime Members

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Star Stable is an expensive game, this is no doubt to receive the most profit out it as possible. For a Lifetime Membership, it is around 75-85 dollars Canadian. But yet, the membership doesn't provide any benefits apart from freeing you from reoccurring payments and a little bonus shop within the game, which is updated once in a blue moon. You see, plenty of other games that have different tiers similar to SSO, mostly MMORPGs or browser-based games directed towards children. I personally have been playing the game for around seven years and I got a good deal, 40 bucks, and 3000 Star Coins. sweet right? well what about after that? Why do players who have paid between 40-80 bucks get the same rewards as someone paying 7 dollars each month? Why do Lifetime Riders get the same rewards as a weekly subscriber? (Apart from the Lifetime Shop, that provides clothes and tack with horrible stats and or designs) I am here to propose that Star Stable Online boost the amount of in-game currency Lifetime riders receive.