Immediate Rest for Monsta X

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Monsta X, a seven-member Korean boy group, has experienced significant mental and physical challenges during 2019 due to the neglect from parent company, Starship Entertainment. Made of up Shownu, Wonho (currently not with the group), Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and Changkyun, Monsta X has achieved significant international acclaim with their talented singing, rapping, dancing and incredible fan service.

HOWEVER! On October 31, 2019, Lee Hoseok, (stage name Wonho) left the group due to accusations that were never found to be true. The remaining six members were not given time to grieve the loss of their member and were instead forced to work harder in place of his absence. In the last few months, the members have maintained a schedule that borders on absolute lunacy. In addition to ignoring the status of their obviously declining mental health, member Lee Jooheon (stage name Joohoney) has been hospitalized twice since, multiple members have been injured including broken ribs, knee injuries and ankle injuries, members have experienced multiple and recurring sicknesses, in addition to obvious mental distress which has been incredibly apparent to fans.

Enough is enough. Monbebe (fandom name) hereby DEMAND rest for Monsta X. We do NOT want more content, we want the improved health of the seven members effective immediately to ensure the longevity of their careers, happiness and capacity to work (regardless of role). Starship Entertainment continues to show significant neglect for the health of their members and we, the fandom, request official and updated proof of how Starship is taking care of their members in addition to a one week MINIMUM vacation with no public or private schedules.

To Starship Entertainment: Monsta X are HUMAN. They cannot continue with the slave-driver schedule you have given them without one or more members suffering significant mental or physical distress. Enough is enough. Treat them better - please.