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We, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke fans are shocked at the sudden discontinuation of our show. The show has been in the top 2 on the channel for over a year and provides brilliant thought provoking content and helps to bring about a change in the society by giving out strong social messages. The show does not deserve to be pulled off air all of a sudden by the channel and production house.

Abir and Mishti have not only made us laugh and cry with them but have also given us some of the most important life lessons like "no is an option", "a girl's dignity is above any religion", "life is like a novel which needs to be read patiently", that "it's normal to cry when you are in pain", that "if God doesn't differentiate between the gender of a baby then we, as humans should not too" and so on. MishBir is not just any other ITV couple but an inspiration for the youth. MishBir content storyline will fetch the highest trps for the show and break all records like always.

Lastly, it's extremely unjust to pull a show off air based only on the offline ratings. We request the channel and the makers to have a look at the online database and analyse for themselves how much the show is popular and loved by fans all around the globe. If possible, the show definitely deserves to be sustained atleast on the online platform. Indian Television will never find another cult and class show like Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke ever again.