Bring Animals Indoors in Extreme Weather.

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Entering 2019 temperatures are steadily dropping. Yet dogs are still left outside in negative temperatures here in Starke County, Indiana. It is a major misconception that domestic animals, in general, can fend for themselves. Even more so when they are in kennels or chained to a dog house with limited mobility.

Wind chills will cut through a dogs coat, making it an ineffective form of protection. As temperatures drop below freezing, dogs can experience hypothermia and frostbite. Their delicate paws can freeze, crack and bleed. They have no way to fend for themselves in these conditions. They have been domesticated animals for centuries. Leaving them outdoors, even with the current ordinance of food, water and shelter, is nothing short of cruel.

I, personally, live a few homes down from people who have several of their dogs chained up outside. My family and I can constantly hear them howling and yelping. It is heartbreaking. No dog deserves a life of no relief. Hour after hour, day after day, it's just getting colder and there is nothing they can do to help themselves or keep themselves warm.

Indiana has already had 1 reported dog fatality due to these freezing temps. Other states have had more. Let's set an example and put an ordianace into place stating that dogs must be brought indoors in extreme weather conditions, above 90°, below 32° and/or during wind chill advisories. 

- If it's to cold for you, it's to cold for them!