Starbucks: Stop using plastic stoppers | End single use plastic

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Plastic. It’s everywhere and it will stay on this planet forever. Starbucks uses plastic stoppers in drinks to prevent spilling in your car.

All these little stoppers are then put in the garbage to float around on our planet. It took a poor little turtle to show the world what a straw can do, now let’s stand up and make another change! 

These stoppers are not needed and will only be damaging the planet and animals the more we use them. These are not something that can be recycled.

Starbucks needs to make a biodegradable stopper or simply change their lids to close and then be recycled. 

Now let’s join together and change the plastic world we live in! The planet needs our help. 

Starbucks, be the leader you are and come up with a solution to your plastic pollution.