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Petitioning Starbucks, CEO Howard Schultz and 4 others

Starbucks: Stop selling baked goods containing unsustainable palm oil!

Save Wildlife—Pass on Starbucks Pastries

Over 50,000 orangutans have already died as a result of deforestation due to palm oil production in the last two decades. The majority of palm oil production – 80% – occurs in Indonesia and Malaysia, where roughly 50% of the original forest cover has been replaced with palm oil plantations, leading to the quickest declines in biodiversity anywhere on the globe. Each hour an area the size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared for the production of palm oil. Some companies have switched to a sustainable source, however, WWF says only half of sustainably produced palm oil is currently being bought. Why is Starbucks continuing to use an unsustainable source in its baked goods, which is contributing to loss of orangutan and elephant habitat? If you love orangutans and elephants more than pastries, then pass on the pastries until Starbucks changes their recipes to exclude palm oil or at the very least uses a sustainable source. Decimation of the rainforest is catastrophic for people, animals, plants, and, in particular, orangutans and elephants. So . . . please sign this petition and pass on the pastries. 

Letter to
Starbucks, CEO Howard Schultz
Executive VP, Public Relations Vivek Varma
Chief Financial Officer Troy Alstead
and 2 others
Group president, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Teavana Cliff Burrows
president, Starbucks China and Asia-Pacific Jeff Hansberry
Stop selling baked goods containing conventionally produced palm oil! Starbuck's website states 4 commitments " 1) helping communities thrive 2) minimizing your environmental footprint 3) offering the highest-quality, ethically purchased and produced products 4) being a good corporate citizen." By selling products containing palm oil, you're violating all 4 of these commitments and are not being a responsible company. You can do better - ditch the palm oil or at least start using a sustainable source, which we know is available!

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