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Stop making drinks that contain pus

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Starbucks has recently received widespread attention for starting to use cochineal extract (crushed bugs) as a red food coloring in their strawberry beverages, but that’s not the only objectionable ingredient in their drinks. Their drinks that are made with cow milk (as opposed to a plant-based milk such as soy, rice, or almond) contain pus.

The dairy industry treats cows as if they are machines: female cows are impregnated on a “rape rack,” have their babies taken from them (and usually slaughtered for veal), and their milk that was meant for their babies is taken for people. This cycle repeats until the cows are exhausted by this unnatural intensive process, at which point they are slaughtered. During the milking stages of their lives, the cows are milked several times a day by machines and the cows often develop mastitis, a painful udder infection. As the cows are milked, infected somatic cells (the type of cells that make pus) mix with the milk. 

In 2010, the USDA calculated an average of over 200,000 somatic cells in each milliliter of cow milk. Gross! 

If you saw someone drip pus into your latte or macchiato, would you drink it? Didn’t think so, and you also surely don't want to drink something that is a product of animal cruelty. And that means that you shouldn’t be drinking Starbucks drinks (or anything else) that contain cow milk.

Take action! Tell Starbucks to not only offer vegan plant-based milks (such as soy, almond, rice, and coconut milk) in place of cow milk in all of Starbucks' milk-containing drinks, but to make them readily available and without a price premium, and to clearly mark that they are available on the menu at every location. Finally, to make sure customers know they can get their drinks without cow milk, tell Starbucks to require baristas to ask customers what type of milk they want.

Thank you!

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