Stop Killing Animals for Display

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Have you ever been to a Starbucks and gazed upon the case full of different pastries and sandwiches? Every other day, Starbucks workers cook one of each sandwich for the display. Millions of animals have their life taken so that customers can see what sandwiches they sell.

Although I disagree with exploitation of animals for any reason, this seems so much more unnecessary. It breaks my heart knowing this and I hope to put an end to this. I am asking for your support to end these animals sufferings. There are other ways to display sandwiches without harming animals.

It will correspond with their values of making sustainability a priority. Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to soil degradation, deforestation, air pollution, global warming, and climate change.

An alternative solution for the displays is using identical artificial food. The initial cost to implement this may be high, but in the long run, it will be cost effective! How you may ask? Well, good thing I did the calculations for you.

If each store is making all their display sandwiches every other day, it will cost $59.40 for the two days worth of sandwiches. Each store will make display sandwiches three times a week, totaling $178.20 in wasted sandwiches. In a month, $712.80. A year will amount to $8,553.60 and five years each store wastes $42,768 on display sandwiches. There are 14,000 stores in the U.S. alone. So if you multiply any of these numbers by 14,000 you will have the amount of money lost to sandwich displays nationwide. For example, in one year all the Starbucks stores in the U.S. combined lose $119,750,400.

The loss of potential profit isn’t my point of interest. The reason behind my dedication is the amount of animals that die for these displays. I lowballed and calculated 1 animal per sandwich. (It is more animals that die due to the different components such as the meat, cheese, and egg.) So in a single store, 14 animals are slaughtered for two days worth of display sandwiches. This means 42 are killed every week, 168 every month, 2,016 every year, and 10,080 every five years. Again, multiply these numbers by 14,000 and you will see how many animals are slaughtered to be on display across the U.S.A. Just to get an idea, in one year 28,224,000 animals are slaughtered to be placed in the Starbucks display cases nationwide. This number is even higher across the world.

Although these numbers are estimations, it can still reflect the amount lost due to something with a simple solution. I would appreciate if you could sign and share this petition to as many people as possible in hopes that Starbucks Corporate will see this and take action. We can no longer ignore the effects of animal agriculture. Our earth needs us and the animals need us.