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Replace Plastic Straws with Biodegradable Paper Straws

According to "Each day, humans produce and utilize 500,000,000 straws and

Straws (along with other plastics) are super destructive when discarded into the environment. In the last 25 years, over 6 million straws and stirrers were removed from beaches during annual cleaning events. Straws often float on the surface of the ocean where they slowly degrade into a toxic mess or are consumed by confused organisms."

Starbucks, an environmentally concerned company with equally environmentally active customers, should take the lead and replace their colorful plastic straws with bio-degradable paper straws. If it's expense that's keeping your company from doing what's right, then I'm sure your customers would be happy to pay an extra 5 or 10 cents to cover the additional expense... to ensure that their plastic straw doesn't end up lodged in a sea turtle's throat.

Do you REALLY CARE about the environment??  LEAD THE WAY STARBUCKS!

Then maybe McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food outlets will follow suit!

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