Starbucks - Don't shut down our favorite store!

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The Starbucks (#9597) on College and Main is slated to close on May 15th due to ongoing issues with the building's landlord, Jackson & Jackson (aka Rio Grande Land).  This petition is to encourage the two sides to work together to find a resolution so that our town doesn't lose one of it's community hubs.  If you've ever visited the store, you know that the baristas are the friendliest around, as well as being incredibly kind and talented.  They are dedicated employees and good friends to have.  Additionally, this Starbucks is located in a very convenient location for meetings, studying, get-togethers and much more.  Let's work together to protect our friends and our gathering place!

From a supporter - “I don’t know if this will actually help at all...but I’m completely gutted and at a loss for what to do. Our downtown Starbucks is slated to close May 15 because of issues with the landlords, Jackson & Jackson. They are also the proprietors of the General Palmer Hotel and own several blocks worth of land around the city, making them landlords many business owners in Durango are familiar with. Corporate has decided to close the downtown location because of the damage to the building, which is very old, that Jackson & Jackson refuses to pay for, claiming that Starbucks should pay for it instead. Looking past the corporate status of Starbucks and past the business aspects of it all, Jackson & Jackson is forcing the closure of not just a coffee shop, but a true third home, an actual safe space, and nearly two decades of memories and relationships forged in this comfortable haven. I remember when this Starbucks was slated to open, I spent a lot of time in high school and college there, and I worked at this location for five wonderful years. These baristas became my best friends and part of my family; they’ve been to my house for holiday dinners, we’ve partied together, we’ve cried, and we’ve shared every emotion, both under this roof and elsewhere. The number of people that won’t have this safe space to go to once it’s closed breaks my heart; I know for a fact that because of our store, we saved people and brought them back to life. Starbucks was able to do the same for me, and while I have moved forward in my professional life, I’ll always be so grateful for this store and what it gave to me. Someone please stop this insanity!”