Ban Amber Lynn Gilles From ALL Starbucks

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Amber Lynn Gilles walked into a Starbucks and publicity shamed a very young employee, Lenin, on social media because he wouldn’t serve her until she put on a mask. Please note that Lenin is a minor and Amber posted a picture of him and the address of the Starbucks he works at without his or his parents consent. She claimed she couldn’t wear a mask due to medical reasons, but we believe that isn’t true because she has multiple pictures on social media of her wearing a mask and pictures with tape over her mouth. She also threatened Lenin that she’d be back with the police. It is Starbucks company wide policy for customers and employees to wear face coverings while in the cafe for their employee’s safety as well as others. Amber is an older woman who should know better than to try to post Lenin’s picture online to get others to agree with her and cyber bully him on her post. We call on Starbucks to ban her from all Starbucks cafes since she can’t follow simple rules that could possibly save lives.

Please share this petition with your friends! I’m hoping to get at least 10,000 signatures before sending this to Starbucks. We want Starbucks to know that we stand behind their employees  and their mask policy. We will not stand for selfish people like Amber to intimidate others (especially minors) and put others health at risk.

If you want to see her post on Facebook, just search her full name on FB.

**UPDATE! Amber deleted her post about Lenin and is now saying she is going to sue the man who started the GoFundMe account for Lenin! (Tips for standing up to a Karen) the GoFundMe raised over $20k and now she’s saying she wants some of that money. Can you believe it!? We need to get her banned from Starbucks ASAP! If you haven’t already, please share this petition to get the ball rolling. We need a lot more signatures for Starbucks to even consider this (I feel). Thanks for your support!!**

GREAT JOB LENIN! You and people like you make the rest of us feel safe and cared for!