Ask starbucks to acknowledge that the freddo cappuccino coffee they start serving is Greek

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Starbucks has not been a huge success in Greece as it has been in other countries. There are some reasons for that. Greek people have a special culture about how to drink and enjoy coffee and traditionally, similarly to other Mediterranean countries, give particular importance to this activity. It is not only about the social aspect of it, but also about the luxury of a relaxing break to stop and reconsider life (we do that all the time). For this reason cafes in Greece are usually very clean, well decorated and with high quality service. In this context, Greek people keep reinventing ways of enjoying coffee, with the famous frappe being just one example. Recently, starbucks in Greece had to adjust its variety of coffees to include the Greek freddo cappuccino which locals and tourists are obsessed with. Now, starbucks is introducing the freddo cappuccino in the UK to attract more customers. This is a very positive decision, however, starbucks does so without acknowledging the origin of their idea, implying that it is theirs. I am a consistent starbucks customer in Greece and in other countries, in fact, at this very moment I am writing this petition in a starbucks in NYC. However, nobody appreciates the use of an idea without acknowledging its original source, and it is only fair for starbucks to clearly name the coffee along with its origin. (Please, to those who sign, we do not need to include other irrelevant issues in our comments; the petition is only about the acknowledgment of the source of this specific idea.)

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