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Starbucks and Coffee Bean: Support the fight to end the dog and cat meat trade worldwide

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Please join me in asking Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and their top executives to help put a stop to the cruel dog and cat meat industry worldwide. Every year millions of dogs and cats are beaten, boiled alive, skinned alive, and dismembered before slaughter. This is done while all the others, starved and dehydrated, wait terrified in nearby filthy cages. There is a belief that the adrenaline released by the animals makes the meat tastier and gives it health benefits. This is barbaric that anyone would even entertain torturing another living being for such a purpose. Lets ask Starbucks and Coffee Bean to help. They have businesses located all throughout the world; including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries that participate in this shameful industry. These two huge companies can put political, economic and social pressure on their governments to put a stop to this and enact laws protecting these helpless animals. Let's also encourage Starbucks and Coffee Bean to help give incentives for these dog farmers and butchers to possibly go into the coffee and tea business instead.

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