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This is something regarding Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely death.

How Bollywood nepotism gang kills Talent

In February, Kamal Khan tweeted that Yashraj, SajidNadiadwala, Salmankahan, Balaji, KJo, DineshVijayan, Bhansali, T-Series have all boycotted Sushant Singh Rajput and he will have to do TV series or short films to make a living. What will a person do other than hang him self in depression if the whole world forsakes him. No one know how a gang can boycott a person ?

Susanth was a brilliant student, a physics Olympiad winner and a topper in engineering entrance
He quit his engineering degree to become an actor and at 34 his dream of acting was virtually dead.

Karan is the kingpin . He is a viscous bully who will destroy anyone whom he doesn’t like ,If your a guest in his show, you have to laugh at his crude childish tormenting jokes. You have to bear all his tyranny in the name of sissy humour Or else he will witch-hunt you.

This gang of Nepotism flag bearers  and some more are all a gang ,You can’t survive in Bollywood without their blessings. It is such a shame that India’s top movie industry which makes second highest number of movies in the world is controlled by half dozen nepotists. Shouldn’t Bollywood have been a melting pot, where anyone with talent, skill, hard work, dedication can succeed like in any other form of business ?

No. You need to belong to particular clan, , have certain surnames and only then you will be let inside. Or else you are always an outsider

Sushant Singh was virtually trolled, ragged and bullied. He was an intelligent, intellectual and well read and humane .

Sushant Singh's Insta acc is unlike any other star .. it’s all about energy, cosmos, sanskrit shlokas, coding, algorithm and other interesting stuffs. He was a thinker. People like him rose from scratch and a potential threat to nepotism products.

K� made him delete those tweets and insta messages. In every Coffee with �, he made fun of him and all the guests always placed him last in all the polls.
He made a pathetic movie called Drive on Netflix with Sushanth and virtually killed his career
Since 2 years he was being oppressed and so depressed.

Rumours were spread with help of gossip writers in Bollywood that he is Debaunch, short tempered, arrogant, difficult to work with
He had no movies in his hand though his last movie CHICHOREE was a super hit
Most of his movies were given to Ranveer singh
Sushant got so desperate to please this group that he dropped his surname Rajput to please the gang and faced the ire of nationalists

I still remember him begging his fans on Instagram to watch his movie SONCHARIYA saying I have no God father in Bollywood and I will be out of job if you don’t watch my movie
Imagine how hard it might have been for him
He was handsome, his smile was charismatic, he was well read, intelligent and he was very good in acting Dept
Still he didn’t make it as Bollywood nepotism kills talent. Hence it makes so few good movies and 90 percent of Bollywood movies are trash.