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Star Wars fans, unite for the future of the saga!

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It is clear that many of us Star Wars fans are disappointed by how The Last Jedi has turned out and where Disney is taking our favorite saga after two episodes in the sequel trilogy. It is also clear, however, that they're never going to strike Episode VIII from the official canon and remake the movie. 

Nevertheless, we can still express our dissatisfaction in a civilized and more effective way in order to possibly make an impact on the future of the franchise by signing this petition in large numbers. If all who liked Rogue One better than The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi (and who hold it more worthy of the legacy) unite under the same flag, it will be there for everyone to see how many from the core fanbase all around the world feel the Star Wars saga is currently not getting the treatment it deserves. 

This article serves as a good and non-vitriolic summary of most issues longtime fans  (and maybe others, too) have taken with The Last Jedi, collecting the problems of Episode VIII in six main points:

  1. The Spaceball Menace
  2. Dramaturgy or Bust
  3. Johnson vs. Abrams
  4. Snoke vs. Palpatine
  5. There is Another Skywalker
  6. Infinity Wars

 If you happen to agree with those, or at least with some of the issues elaborated on in the article, there's a good chance you also think a change in creative approach is necessary. Let's make some noise and show Lucasfilm and Disney our true numbers and commitment!

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