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Star Trek (all series)

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There are over 3 billion fans worldwide, with many here in the United States and millions of new ones since the new movies. Many are very eager for Star Trek episodes to watch on regular television, have no access to premier tv stations, or wait for BBC to show it. With notice that Enterprise is 100 years before Captain Kirk, the first series set to put back on television should be Enterprise. The show is set roughly during the 2100s—before the United Federation of Planets was developed, and shown after  the original series, etc were formed.

It follows the adventures of humanity's first warp 5 starship Enterprise. Secondly, we want the original series, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation back on prime time stations. The millions of netflix, etc users in the U.S. will also watch on television instead of other shows. Millions of fans here in the USA miss our stories. The benefits of the stories include counter effects to our societies ill; including racism, social strife/dispair for the future, the war mentality, and consumer apathy from fear and social doubt. 

Series Timeline years- Enterprise: 2100's, original series: 2200's, Voyager: 2300's, Deep Space Nine: 2300's, Next Generation: 2300's, 


Star Trek Club (Solano Sector)- Member of Starfleet International.

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