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Star Stable Online is undoubtable loved by many, but it continues to be made apparent that they refuse to take their player base seriously. And as they continue to push changes without communicating with their players, their credibility is plummeting. The trust players can have with the development team is fading, with very few efforts to repair that bond as community outcry after community outcry falls on deaf ears.

It's time to hold the development team behind Star Stable responsible for their actions. It's time they stop listening exclusively to their board and listen to their community, so the players feel heard again. We are tired of the devs taking puff-pieces to improve their reputation, of bloated or falsified numbers being used for problems the players are ignorant of, of removing any criticism that comes the game's way for the sake of "promoting a safe environment." It is time for Star Stable to act like the big triple A game they are putting themselves out to be and actually take some hard ball questions for once.

Send someone to sit down with the community with community generated questions in a one on one interview. Let us ask real questions about the game and get real answers. Acknowledge us, SSO.

If you're interested in being part of the conversation and helping prepare questions to be sent for this interview, then click here to give your input.

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