Ishqbaaaz Magic of Shivika and Obros ...The Show Must Go On

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I would like to start this “Petition” on a positive note, thanking “Star Plus” for taking the khidkhithod decision of airing Ishqbaaaz which was and still is a unique story of three Oberoi brothers along with Annika. We are elated that the show has kept true to its form, be it the story line or the beautiful actors roped in for each character who do justice to their roles to a T. Though at times we had some nail biting and hair raising shifts in the story, at the end IB has always stayed true to its “Expect the Unexpected” motto.

We would like to take a moment here to congratulate Gul Khan and Harneet Singh for choosing to do Ishqbaaaz, risk it all, break all the regular routine notions attached to TV shows and telly world; and bring this beautiful and never before story forward.

The story of Shivika has been an off the mill routine right since the beginning of the show. Be it the portrayal of characters, the language used, the characterization or the small but subtle poignant nuances attached to them. We watched in awe, as something so simple as a hug was redefined; not to consider the awesome chemistry that set most TV screens on fire here in India  and also overseas.

For the portrayal of Shivaay and Annika, Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna deserve all the awards, rewards and many more. They breathed life into fictional characters of Shivaay and Annika. They surpassed all the levels and gave their all to make Shivika the most relatable and lovable couple on small screen. Thanks to Ishqbaaaz and Shivika the regular language we speak is no longer mundane ….where “EWWWW” becomes “Michmichi”…..”Attitude” becomes “Taadi” and “Checking out” Becomes “Taadna”. Fans from all over the world rejoice using these terms and laugh for no reason.

Not only this special pairing, even the “bonding” of the brothers …the way Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra were built upon brick by brick was a joy to watch. The interpersonal relationships and the way they are still together but poles apart in their ways including the way they react, think and act is something which we as viewers never experienced before.

You did this together “The Super four”; we call you Starplus, Gul Mam, Harneet Singh and Lalit Mohan. What can we say about the “Fantastic Four - Nakuul, Surbhi, Kunal and Leenesh” and their immense dedication! They did it, risked it all and have won. So a hearty congratulation to each one of you. You all together created this magical world of Ishqbaaaz which made all of us go Ishqbaaaz way for the “ISHQ” of Ishqbaaaz and has us all spellbound. Last but not the least a big heartfelt “Thank You” to all the beautiful people in the cast and crew who worked like crazy and at times late night to make the impossible possible.

This “Petition” is a request to keep the story going with its unique spin on Shivika and Obros bond. We applaud the way all of you dealt with all the backlash with dignity and silence; mostly owning up to your decisions and standing by them hence forth answering all those who were quick to judge and play the judge jury and the executioner.

Here is a call out to all the Ishqbaaaz fans out there who share similar sentiments like us that the story needs to be streamlined and also would like to see our beloved show air for longer. Please sign this petition, comment and make your opinion known. Let’s move ahead with the positivity that Ishqbaaaz created by bringing us all together from all over the world and prove that we really believe in “One for All and All for One “.