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Keep Staples closed on Thanksgiving!

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Staples just announced suddenly to employees like me, and with no prior warning in the form of a corporate Memo OR a store-wide meeting with the General Manager, that the company plans to open at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. Staples locations will then close at 1am and  then reopen on Black Friday at 6am.

This year will mark the first time ever that Staples is choosing to open on Thanksgiving while previously, it was one of only two days of the year (the other being Christmas Day) when the store was closed. Like many other employees, I had already made plans to spend Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving evening) with my family. Now we have less than one month's notice to prepare for the fact that we'll be working on one of our only holidays. 

This is concerning, but even more so because Staples (like most companies in this economy) have tightened their belt and are running their stores with significantly less staff. Just recently they let go upwards of 50 plus people in their corporate office, and most stores lost almost all Assistant Management team members. The concern is that those same employees that will be asked to come in at 9pm on Thanksgiving will more than likely be pressured to return to open at 6am black Friday. And It does not appear Staples is ramping up seasonal hiring at ALL, at least at our location.

I love my job at Staples (which is also why I've chosen to remain anonymous), but Staples is an Office Supply store. Do they honestly think people are going to be standing outside on Thanksgiving evening for bulk paper and pencils? I see no reason that Staples needs to be open on Thanksgiving other than pure greed. I'm very disappointed that Staples is not respecting one of the only days when its hardworking employees can relax and spend time (that is increasingly rare) with our families on this important national holiday.

If you or a loved one work for Staples -- or you are just tired of companies like Target, Wal-Mart and now Staples, essentially saying that families aren't important -- Then tell Staples "NO THANKS" by not shopping with them on Thanksgiving. The saying "you vote with your dollar" is very true, and it's more important than ever. It won't be worth the cost for them next year, when you don't show up this Thanksgiving!

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