Stop the Abuse at Stanly County (NC) Animal Control

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I’ve been pulling animals from Stanly County Animal Control for 8 months now. These are just some of the things I have seen. I heard stories about how it was before I started our rescue so I knew I needed to document everything I saw that was wrong.

I was sickened when I saw a mother cat
had lay dead all day with her hungry kittens trying to nurse her dead body. I took the pics that morning as I was there getting cats out. Once my pet taxis were full I left and came back that afternoon to get the rest of the cats. That’s when I saw that she had not been removed and her kittens not fed and still trying to nurse. At this time she was very stiff and smelling. I had to pull her kittens off of her as they all 3 tried to hold on to her with their claws.

2 weeks ago a little kitten now named Grue needed our help. Help is what he got and from the calls and emails sent to the county commissioners he was released (to a vet) from Animal Control where he was going to be euthanized in 10 days after his quarantine was up. When I asked if we could please save him I was told by staff “No” and that he was “Dangerous” ...hmm dangerous to what, a ball of yarn?

One dog a week ago had a prolapsed bowl and was deemed aggressive and would be put down once her 5 day stray hold was up. I was waking down the isle of kennels with staff and as we were talking about her at that time her condition was discovered. I asked “you didn’t know she was like that?” I was told No and I said “don’t you think this would contribute to her aggressive behavior?” I was then told
“ Probably ..well she is going to be put down anyways.”

These are just a few examples of the things I have seen that make me sick! How can we let this go on? What more will it take to get change in our shelter? I have countless pictures and videos of things I have seen the past 8 months and they don’t lie! I have video of me trying to get fearful/ feral dogs, puppies and cats out of their kennel/cage into my car with no assistance, more than once. This is a huge liability for our county and a open window for a lawsuit. We need to come together as a pack and fight like Grue! We are their voice and change will not happen if we don’t speak for these animals!! I will share more pics and video if that’s what it takes to get the change they deserve! So many rescues have sent email after email over the years about conditions and staff and it’s gotten nothing changed for these animals. To the ones that read those emails and did nothing.. they were all true and I wish you would have done something. The number of lives you could have saved and the lack of suffering you could have stopped is huge. I am not in this rescue business to make friends and I will do what ever it takes to help and save my 4 legged friends!